Meg A. Hertz

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A position in software development


B.S. in Computer Science, expected May 1998 University of Colorado, Boulder, CO Cumulative G.P.A. 3.66

Work Experience

  1. Freelance Computer Consultant, September 1997-Present Create World Wide Web home pages and customize computer systems for clients in the Boulder, CO area
  2. Intera, June-August 1997 Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA Worked as software design engineer intern on SNA Server 3.0. Implemented name-space providers (Windows 95/NT, DLLs written in C) for a variety of network protocols, including TCP/IP, Netware IPX, Lannan, Banyan VINES, and AppleTalk.
  3. Undergraduate Research Assistant, September 1996-May 1997 University of Colorado Laboratory for Computer Science Worked with Professor Daniel S. Patel in the parallel and distributed operating group. Ported UNIX applications to XOK, a prototype exokemal implementation for the Intel x86.

Computer Skils

Languages and Software

C, C++, Java, LaTeX, HTML, Word, WordPerfect.

Operating Systems

UNIX (Linux, Ultrix, SunOS), Windows 95, Macintosh.