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XML Schema 1.1 Tutorial


XML Schema 1.1 is a superset of XML Schema 1.0. It has lots of powerful new capabilities. Saxon 9.3 implements the full 1.1 specification, so you can create 1.1 schemas today!

What's New in XML Schema 1.1?

  • Assertions (you can now express co-constraints)
  • Open Content
  • Conditional Types
  • Schema-wide Attributes

Plus lots more.

XML Schema 1.1 Tutorial

Here is the tutorial: XML Schema 1.1 (Powerpoint document)

Here is a tutorial for managers: XML Schema 1.1 for Managers (Powerpoint document)

XML Schema 1.1 uses XPath a lot. If you don't know XPath then you're at a disadvantage. So, I created a short tutorial on XPath: Quick Intro to XPath (Powerpoint document)

Here is a zip file containing the XML Schema Tutorial plus examples and labs plus the Quick Intro to XPath (zip file ~ 2MB)

XML Schema 1.1 Best Practices

Work has begun on Best Practices for XML Schema 1.1


Alice Slaba translated this web page to German


Here is a Romanian translation of this web page (courtesy of Irina Vasilescu):XML Schema 1.1