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XProc Tutorial

What is XProc?

  • XProc is an XML Pipeline Language
  • XProc enables you to declaratively express the activities you want to perform on XML documents
  • XProc is in the process of becoming a W3C recommendation

Benefits of XProc?

  • XProc takes care of orchestrating all the activities
  • XProc is a standard way of expressing processing activities
  • Since an XProc document is an XML document, you can send it around, transform it, mine it, store it, just like any other XML document

Want to Learn More?

Here is our Tutorial on XProc (zip file, ~ 2.5 MB)

Here is our summary of all the built-in XProc steps


Here is a Romanian translation of this web page (courtesy of Irina Vasilescu):XProc
Here is a Swedish translation of this web page (courtesy of Daniela Milton):XProc
Here is a Russian translation of this web page (courtesy of Svetlana Prutkovskaya):XProc