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XML Schemas: Best Practices

Last updated: November 1, 2006

This work was developed collaboratively by members of the xml-dev list group. This material is made freely available in the public interest. Any use of this material must acknowledge the xml-dev list group.

new!   Use multiple schema languages! No single schema language is sufficient to express all data constraints. Multiple schema languages must be used.

  Here is a white paper that describes a holistic approach to versioning schemas. It asserts that Schema versioning should not be treated in isolation. Instead, Schema versioning should be part of an integrated system evolution plan.

  Here is a white paper that describes a radical new way of designing schemas that will position your data for the next generation Web - The Semantic Web.

  Here is a white paper that addresses the importance of identifying and documenting your Schema design objectives prior to creating a Schema. A questionnaire is provided to assist in assessing your objectives.

Download a tutorial on Best Practices. This tutorial contains a Powerpoint document for each Best Practice issue. There are fully validated examples and labs (with answers) for each issue.

All the Best Practices documents are now in PDF format.

Table of Contents

Tutorial on XML Schemas

Point of Contact: Roger L. Costello